We developed our skills through experience, universities and courses. Technology is something we have been passionate about for as long as we remember therefore we thrive of sharing our knowledge and expertise with OTHERS. We are a group of enthusiastic, eperienced IT professionals, striving to make technology reach all of the world and use it to simplify their day to day life. We have more than 11 years of IT experience and have wide range of products under our belt to support any kind of IT needs. In the case of Software development, Software solutions and IT solutions, our flexible engagement model integrates onsite, offsite and offshore solutions and resources managed through project managers, supported by client-dedicated project teams. Our Custom Software Development and Software solutions service line offers a full life cycle software development and engineering services.

  • SMS

  • SMS - A perfect blend of Hardware and Software, bringing them both together to support all the need of a school/college/training institutes. This application is completely web supported and can be accessed online from anywhere.

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • VEHICLE TRACKING - Live vehicle tracking is an upcoming trend in India an has already been the must to have for any fleet, cargo etc all over the world. We have developed our own method of accurate tracking based on the current market standards.
  • Web Sites

  • WEBSITES - We have extensive skills in web-developing and we had our stamp in numerous projects and we mentioned here a few. We believe in making our clients self sustained rather depending on outsourcing their web needs.